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Catherine Auguste


Catherine AUGUSTE

Wellknown decorator, illuminator and creator of painted furniture

Ancient Student of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris

Author of numerous books of motives to the general public

Webmaster of the site

Creator of the motives for the site



Examples of realization for companies



Menu for
XXXVth Dîner Grand Siècle
Organised by les champagnes
Laurent Perrier
au Pavillon d'Armenonville

Prix décerné
à l'Opéra de Paris
en la personne
de Hugues Gall

Menu by André Castelot
Catherine Auguste 


Menu of the
XXXVIth Dîner Grand Siècle
Organisé par les champagnes
Laurent Perrier

Prix décerné à
Robert Hossein

Menu par André Castelot Illustration
Catherine Auguste


Plaquette du
Dôme Théâtre d'Alberville
(saison 2004-2005)

Catherine Auguste


Works in private collection

We find numerous works painted by Catherine AUGUSTE in very important private collections. Catherine AUGUSTE is also present by her works in the field of the cabinet of curiosity which we illustrate below. This piece of furniture is completely drawn then decorated by herself. For more information, please consult the site


Cabinet of curiosity
Nux et Garric
(Unique piece of furniture)

Walnut, oak, plane tree, animal horn, tans

Sculpture, egg painting


Cabinet of curiosity
(Unique piece of funiture)

Lakeside oak and sycamore

Egg Painting
(eyes borrowed from wellknown classic paintings


Cabinet of curiosity
(Unique piece of furniture)

Etimoé and chestnut tree, brass

Egg Painting


Hippopotamus Somniat
(Unique Piece of furniture)


Egg Painting


Bibliography (extract)

Some books for general publics dealing with the ornamental motive